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Boeing 737-500

Boeing 737-500 "Rheine" registration D-ABJB

The Boeing 737 is the most sold civilian jet aircraft so far. Cardboard model on a scale of ~1:48 wingspan ~580 mm more than 300 parts

The original
The Boeing 737-500 was a shortened version with the length of the Boeing 737-200, but the modern technology of the -300 and -400. The project was presented in May 1987 under the name 737-1000, received then however the today valid version names. The first flight took place on 30 June 1989, the first distribution took place in February 1990 at Southwest Airlines. This airplane is certified for maximally 132 passengers, with 100 to 110 seats is however usually operated. By this version 389 pieces were produced.

The model
The here available model of the Boeing 737-500 is a cardboard model on a scale ~1: 48, consisting of more than 300 parts. The wingspan amounts to approx. 580 mm. The kit comes in A4 format and can be printed out on a normal ink jet printer. One obtains the best results however on a color laser printer. For printing 160gr/m2 paper is recomend.
some details, which make the 737 an interesting building project:
Cockpit and entrance
Detailed flaps (slats, flaps, spoiler etc.)
Detailed landinggear
landinggear can be built retracted or with closed gear bays

You can download the model for free DOWNLOAD
The passwort is 165437

Importent note:

You can to post this freeware (non-commercial) model on any site forum ect. but allways link to this page, never ever to the file itself.

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